Class Work

List the causes of food spoilage Bacteria Moulds and fungi Viruses Enzymes

Deterioration : To diminish or impair in quality

Microbial activity: Refers to herbal or other medicines that can slow the growth or multiplication of microorganisms, or kill them. For example bacteria. Enzymatic changes: Any of numerous proteins or conjugated proteins produced by living organisms and functioning as biochemical catalysts. For example drugs.

Physical reaction: A physical reaction is the change in the appearance of a substance in which it can change back to its original state. For example a piece of paper being cut up.

Chemical reaction: A change in which a substance (or substances) is changed into one or more new substances. For example burning a log of wood.

How the environment can cause food to spoil: One important cause of food spoilage and spoilage is air and oxygen. Because air is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it is often taken for granted and sometimes forgotten as a means to cause food to spoil.

Food poising:might be shut down or health inspector gives them a fine or complains to the owners and might become a scene and less people will go there because it will have a bad reputation.

List: - Make sure the food is refrigerated - Food is well cooked not half raw - Use different chopping boards for everything you need to chop. - Make sure you always wash your hands


Food preservation: The process of treating and handling food to stop or greatly slow down spoilage (loss of quality, edibility or nutritive value)caused or accelerated by micro-organisms.

What conditions must exist for bacteria to survive? It depends on the bacteria some are thermophiles and thrive in hot temperatures, some are psychotropic are require low temperatures

What does preservation do to these conditions? Preservation refers to restrictions that apply to cashing superannuation benefits. These restrictions prevent you from accessing your superannuation benefits until retirement or another suitable condition of release is satisfied.

Brainstorm common methods of food preservation: Many processes designed to preserve food will involve a number of food preservation methods. Preserving fruit, buy turning it into jam, for example involves boiling to reduce the fruit’s moisture content and kills bacteria yeasts, etc. It also reduces the sugaring to prevent their re-growth and sealing with an airtight jar to prevent recontamination. There are many traditional methods of preserving food that limit the energy imputes and reduce carbon footprint.

Method of preservation: Turning fruit into jam

How is it done domestically: Remove any stalks or leaves and pips, pith and skin where appropriate from your chosen fruit. Finely chop the prepared fruit and put it in the preserving pan. Bring the mixture to the boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for 20-25 minutes, or until the fruit/vegetable has softened. Add the Jam sugar to the mixture and stir the mixture well until the sugar has completely dissolved. Once the sugar has dissolved bring the mixture back to the boil Boil the Jam, stirring continuously so as not to burn until the jam reaches 104-105 degrees. Having reached this temperature you should get a Jam which will set. Remove the mixture from the heat and carefully ladle the jam into the jars whilst the jam is still hot. Put the lids on quickly as you fill each Jar. If you wait till they are all filled the glass of the jars will be very hot to touch and difficult to hold to screw the lids on. Store the Jam in a cool dark cupboard or larder. Once opened keep in the fridge.

Practical Work

cheese twists

external image 116155512_0aebd0399b_o.jpg
external image 116155512_0aebd0399b_o.jpg

It was kind of challenging to work with the pastry because it was hard to make everything

the same and even. None of the twists/plaits came out the same. they either turned out a different

size of different shape all together.

Honey Soy chicken wings

external image honey-and-soy-chicken-wings.jpg
external image honey-and-soy-chicken-wings.jpg

In chicken the bacteria that is naturally occuring is called Salmonella. Hospitality establishments have to be careful when cooking high risk foods such as chicken because, if it is not cooked all the way through people can get sick (food poisoning). Symptoms of food poisoning is nausea, vomiting, cramping, diahrrea, and so on.

Marshmellow slice

external image marshmallow-jam-slice.jpg
external image marshmallow-jam-slice.jpg

the recipe was easy to follow, me and my partner worked well together and took turns to make things even. the slices and biscuits became harder as it cooled down. A marshmellow slice can be stored in fridges.

Spaghetti Basciola

external image spaghetti-alla-boscaiola.jpg
external image spaghetti-alla-boscaiola.jpg

uto This particular dish was one of my favourites so far. it was delicious, the flavours were really good. Except i wish i made mine with bacon.

Coconut Apple Slice

external image apple_slice.jpg

A cafe would serve a dish like a coconut apple slice. in my opinion i don't think this dish was particulary hard. At some point it was hard to tell whether it was cooking or not, and also when seperating the egg you had to be extremely careful that the egg yoke didnt fall into the mixture and that only the egg whites did.

Sweet Chili Chicken Wraps

external image chicken_avo_wrap.jpg

I have seen a dish like the sweet chili chicken wraps served at cafes and/or small restaurants. You could have almost anything of your liking in a wrap. Such as vegetables, any other sort of meat etc.

Chicken Wraps

external image pancakes.jpg



Jordan's tabe d'hote menu

$45 three courses

$39 two courses


Chiken caesar- chicken, bacon, croutons, cos lettuce & anchovy dressing

Deep-fried salted spiced calamari- marinated green paw-paw and mint salad Vegetarian nori roll plate- vinegared rice, pickled and fresh vegetables, wasabi & soy

BBQ'd octopus- salad of baby beet leaf, orange and lime with a saffron aioli

Main courses

Jordan's famous fish and chips

Chargrilled Atlantic salmon- baby spinach, roasted red onion & tzaziki

Free range chicken breast- grilled sweet potato, chive & coriander salad

Penne pasta- tomato, pesto, eggplant & kalamata olives


Fresh seasonal fruit plate

Chocolate pudding- with double cream

Ice-cream terrine

All mains are served with bread rolls, chips, salad, coffee or tea

All menu items are subject to seasonal availability

A nice restuarant with different types of food that caters toawrds adults.

Botanic Gardens Restaurant


Caramelised Confit Pork Belly

Cauliflower puree, seared scallop and grain mustard sauce

Chicken Ballotine

Poached ballotine of corn fed chicken and black truffle with Waldorf remoulade

Lamb Breast

Slow-cooked crispy lamb breast ‘a la nicoise’, red onion marmalade and black olive oil

Sugar Cured Wagyu Tartare

Soft egg yolk, capers and cornichons with cabernet syrup and white truffle oil

Roquefort Tart

Warm leek and Roquefort tart, pickled cherries and petit herb salad

Cold-smoked Rainbow Trout

Avocado, sour cream and Atlantic salmon caviar with gazpacho vinaigrette


Crisp Skinned Duck Confit

Portobello mushroom tart, black cherry relish with sweet potato and ginger dumplings

Roast Barramundi Fillet

Rissoni pasta, blue swimmer crab, tomato and crayfish cream

Fillet of Black Angus Beef

Sweet potato and horseradish gratin with mustard butter and peas Bonne femme

Roast Rack of Lamb

Cannelloni of braised lamb neck, parsnip puree, salsa verde and lamb jus

Pan Fried Pillows of Gnocchi

Roast butter nut pumpkin, pine nuts and goat’s cheese with rocket and burnt sage butter

Wild Boar Pie

In butter-puff pastry, caramelised shallots, cranberry relish and sauce poivrade

2 courses 49.0 or 3 courses 65.0

SIDE DISHES (serves 2 – 4)

Grilled Portobello mushrooms, capsicum jam, rocket and parmesan 7.0

Crispy bintji potatoes, citrus sea salt and aioli 7.0

Salad of spinach and baby endive with smoked speck and toasted pecans 7.0


Apple crumble tart with almond frangipane, butter scotch sauce and vanilla ice cream

Butter milk panna cotta with strawberry rhubarb soup and pistachio tuille

Baked chocolate cheese cake with dark chocolate custard


Vittoria Coffee

Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Long Black, Espresso, Macchiato, Hot Chocolate 3.5

Assorted loose leaf Teas:

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile, Green 3.5

Affogato 6.5

Liqueur Affogato 11.5

Assorted Liqueur Coffees 8.5

targetting young successful buisness people that have money and are not scared to spend.

Aria Restaurant


Oysters - six freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters with nectarine, cucumber and a ginger dressing $36

Salmon - cured New Zealand salmon with kombu and Earl Grey tea, yuzu tapioca and avocado purée $38
Crab - spanner crab meat with toasted quinoa, summer peas and garlic chips $42
Ballotine - of smoked ham, foie gras, mushroom and chicken with a celeriac and mustard salad and a pickled cucumber, caper and tarragon dressing $42
Porkbelly - Kurobuta sweet pork belly with pickled watermelon and crackling $39
Souffle - twice baked soufflé of spinach and pumpkin with a salad of chick peas and zucchini and a tomato and saffron sauce* $44
Snapper - baked fillet of snapper with toasted seeds and pine nuts, asparagus smoked potato purée, apple and a caviar sauce $56

Chicken - roasted breast of pasture fed chicken with ‘mac and cheese’, mushrooms, leeks and turnips $52
Lamb - roasted lamb fillet with confit belly, eggplant purée, tomato and basil fondue and a black olive sauce $54
Beef - roasted fillet and cheek of beef with celeriac purée, roasted onions and Bordelaise sauce $56
Side orders - Mixed leaf salad $12
Mozzarella, fig and radicchio salad with balsamic $16
Salad of tomatoes with toasted sourdough, olives, cucumber and basil $15
Steamed broccolini with anchovy and chilli vinaigrette $15
Truffled potato mash $15

2) my cafe
a) name of establishment: desserts around the world

desserts around the W

b) location: Darling Harbour
c) description of the theme: target market - families of any ages
type of food served - desserts of different cultures
seating - 40 people
d) sketch of the layout:

external image CubanaCafePlan1.gif
external image CubanaCafePlan1.gif

e) suitable menu:
Kourabiedes - $5.50
Galaktoboureko - $8.50
Loukoumades - $8.50
Greek coffee - $3.50
Panna cotta - $9.00
Tiramisu - $9.00
Semifreddo - $9.00
Cappucino - $3.50
Apple Crepes - $8.00
Chocolate Mousse - $7.00
chocolate Croissant - $5.50
Chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) - $3.50
Apple Strudle - $6.50
Black Forest - $9.00
Gingerbread biscuits - $5.00
German coffee - $3.50
Baklava - $9.00
Kenafeh - $7.00
Ma'amoul - $5.50
Lebanese coffee - $3.50
Khalva - $5.50
Chocolate jelly - $5.50
Russian fruit cake - $8.50
Russian chocolate drink - $3.50

f) justification of the intricate details:
i have chosen the location of Darling Harbour because of the tourists, atmosphere and the environmental surroundings. For this cafe i have chosen
natural colour shemes as well as natural hard materials (limestone flooring, cedar timber furniture, caesar stone bench tops and clear anodised windows). Bringing natural beauty together in the colour schemes and hard materials i have chosen, this creates a very relaxed feeling and also more appealing to the eye for my clientel.


300g golden caster sugar 250g butter 250g chocolate (70 per cent cocoa solids) 3 large eggs plus 1 extra egg yolk 60g flour 60g finest quality cocoa powder . tsp baking powder

Method You will need a baking tin, about 23cm x 23cm, preferably non-stick, or a small roasting tin. Set the oven at 180°C/Gas 4. Line the bottom of the baking tin with baking parchment. Put the sugar and butter into the bowl of a food mixer and beat for several minutes till white and fluffy. Meanwhile, break the chocolate into pieces, set 50g of it aside and melt the rest in a bowl suspended over, but not touching, a pan of simmering water. As soon as the chocolate has melted remove it from the heat. Chop the remaining 50g into gravel-sized pieces. Break the eggs into a small bowl and beat them lightly with a fork. Sift together the flour, cocoa and baking powder and mix in a pinch of salt. With the food mixer running slowly, introduce the beaten egg a little at a time, speeding up in between additions. Remove the bowl from the mixer to the work surface, then mix in the melted and the chopped chocolate with a large metal spoon. Lastly, fold in the flour and cocoa, gently and firmly, without knocking any of the air out. Scrape the mixture into the prepared cake tin, smooth the top and bake for 30 minutes. The top will have risen slightly and the cake will appear slightly softer in the middle than around the edges. Pierce the centre of the cake with a fork - it should come out sticky, but not with raw mixture attached to it. If it does, then return the brownie to the oven for three more minutes. Let it cool down when you take it out of the oven.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjkyNA9AdhO7-hylhvjNiV2smB1ERNyeSRysDv079OHo9qPnIWyg
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjkyNA9AdhO7-hylhvjNiV2smB1ERNyeSRysDv079OHo9qPnIWyg

this is a brownie where the customers can also get involved by designing their own. The staff supply the brownie and the customers can add icing, and decorations including sprinkles and other decorations of their choice. another meal where the kids can get involved along with the brownies is decorating their own pizza.

the potential impact it would have on the local society is it is convenient and am easy place to get to.and environmentally friendly as it has plenty of public transport eg bus or train and also the monorail. in regards to any business it has to consider energy eglow voltage lighting which is in the new led lights, having bifolding doors so when hot you can open them right up to cool are in and a good efficient air conditioner which would only be run on hot days. we would have two bins one for recycling (yellow) and one for normal garbage (red).