Class Work:

Famous Foodies.

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Matt Preston

1. Matt Preston is a food journalist, restaurant critic and television personality.

2. Matt was born 1961 in London, UK.

3. in 2003, 2004 and 2006, Preston won Food Media

4. He has an active following of over 30,000 fans on both Facebook and Twitter.

5. His book Cravat-A-Licious was released on October 1, 2009

6. His biggest cooking triumphs are: "The national award I've won for my jam recipes and cooking a BBQ for 1,000 people at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival with some volunteers and chef mates

7. Matt Preston's favourite quote is:

"It's not the food on the table but the eyes across the table that matter" - Robert Castellani.

8. In 2009 Preston joined Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris on the judging panel of the first season of MasterChef Australia, a reality television competition to find Australia's best amateur chef.

9. He married his wife Emma, younger by four years, in 1999.

10. A football fan, Preston supports Chelsea FC and Melbourne Victory.



In the end my food tech assesment turned out really well, i had some trouble with the beating the eggs until they stiffened well that was most of my trouble and trying to tell if the berry compote was ready, i rewally enjoyed making my cream it was easy fun and yummy, but it all worked out the presentation to me looked amazing and it tasted the same.

Practical Work:

Cheese Twists:

1) Describe how difficult/easy it was to work with pastry.

I found it a bit difficult to work with pastery as ours was quite sticky, you have to get it right the first time because if you get it wrong you cant just pull it apart.

2) Did all of your twists/plats come out the same?

My twists didnt come out all looking the same, some were big some were small and they all looked different

Honey Soy Chickehoney-and-soy-chicken-wings.jpgn Wing

1) What bacteria are naturally occuring in chicken?

A bacteria called Salmonella is found in un-cooked chicken and can cause serious harm to a person and called result in death.

2) What do hospitality establishments have to be carefully of when serving any high risk food?

the food needs to be fresh and all need to be listed in case of allergic reactions if these requirements are not met the OHS company can shut down the business and fine you.

3) What are some of the s

ymptoms of food poising?

symptoms of food poisoning:

- Nausea, Vomiting,

- Diarrhea,

- Upset stomach, some abdominal pain, cramps

- Fever that lasts longer than 24 hours

- Dizziness, fainting, rapid heart rate

- Weakness, numbness or tingling in the arms, legs or mouth

Marshmallow Slice


1) Evaluation




the marshmallow slice tasted great and i

love how they melted and when i took a

bite all the gooey stuff cam out.

the biscuit base didnt set right and was still really

soft even after being left to cool.

i had never tried this delicious snack before so it was a new,

experience and tasted really good, i dont really

like marshmallows but when made like that i love them.

2) What happenes to slices and biscuits as they cool

In our group the biscuit base didnt set well but over all i loved them even if they were soft.

3) How can the slice be stored

Marshmallow slice can be stored in the fridge, so the biscuit has more time to harden.

Spaghetti Boscaiola

external image low-fat-pasta-boscaiola-12103640621.jpg

1) Write and evaluation of today's practical.

Today's practical went really well, me and my partner worked well together and even though we were running close to time we ended up cooking a really good meal and finished early enough to wash up all our bay.

Quick and Easy Pizza

1) What conditions are needed for yeast to grow and make the dough rise?

The temperature of the oven should be at 220 degreesexternal image pizzabg.jpg

2) Why is kneading important?

Kneading is important because it helps the dough rise.

3) Name some sutible topping combinations for pizza?

- meats (i.e; peperoni, ham, bacon, meat, chicken)






Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps external image wraps.jpg

1) Where have you seen this dish before?

I have seen this dish served in cafe's and little snadwhich shops they also have something like this at McDonalds.

2) What other flavours could your wraps have?

Flavours a wrap could also have mayonnaise, mustard, garlic, pepper.

Chicken Vegetable Parcelsexternal image chicken-soya-pasty.jpg

1) Describe how to julienne a carrot?

2) Describe the role of milk in this recipe?

3) Give some examples of what this dish could be served with at a cafe and why?