Class Work

Practical Work

Cheese Twists


1) I thought that is was hard to work with the pastry because its is very easy to rip it and its hard to keep it into the shape that you want it.

2) No, my cheese twists did not turn out the same as the others did because it is hard to use the pastry.

Honey Soy Chicken Wings IMG20110214_005.jpg

1) Salmonela

2) They have to be carefull because if they dont correctley cook the chicken or dont properley wash the utensils are used (cross contamination) it could give a person food poisoning

3) Some of the Symtoms for food poisoning are, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, diarreha, fever, chills, body stools and dehydration

Sweet Suprise


1) You could use this sweet for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays but just use a different shape cutter.

Marshmallow Slice

external image marshmallow-jam-slice.jpg&sa=X&ei=VY55TaDMKYyCvgOQ_8GvBw&ved=0CAQQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNHQu2fBhFPYl75PAP6PnLnvVgDY0g

1) Today Claudia and I found it easy to make the Marshmallow Slice. We had everything running on time and i think we worked well together

2)When the slices cooled down the marshmallows and the biscut got hard

3)The slice could be stored in a fridge then for better eating could be wormed in the oven

Spaghetti Bocaiola

external image spaghetti-alla-boscaiola.jpg&sa=X&ei=nJB5Td3rF46CvgPMksivBw&ved=0CAQQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNGhQpQGYDikg5BV3qTP5T0MwyP99A

===1) Today Claudia and I worked really well together. We already knew what to do and how to cook it, we didnt need much help at all.



Part 1:

Sea salt Café Lunch Menu
A La Carte Menu
This restaurant is targeting a wide range of people from 20 years and up. It has a very alive theme to the restaurant and clearly shows that is a seafood restaurant but shows it sells more to cater.

The Wild Hearts Café Menu
A La Carte Menu
This restaurant is mainly targeted for people from their late teens and up. It shows that it is a casual romantic restaurant. It is more of an Italian restaurant so it sells pizza, pasta and many other things.

The Café Pavilion Menu
A La Carte Menu
This café is targeting for people of all ages. Because it has a kids menu and just a normal menu for older people. It is a very modern place and has a grass area at the back for kids and to also eat outside.

Part 2:

Activity A:

Activity B:

Pizza, Pasta is located at Abbotsford Warf amidst all the trees with an overlook of Parramatta River
Activity C:

The theme of this restaurant will have a modern look, Square tables, brown plastic chairs with waterside paintings on the wall. This restaurants target market is for families. The type of food served will be a large variety of pastas, pizzas, desserts and drinks (including a kids menu). This restaurant will be sized to cater for 30 people, 24 inside and 6 people outside.
Activity D:

Activity E:



Roast Pumpkin Salad
Mixed greens with pine nuts, ricotta cheese and balsamic dressing $8.00

Greek SaladMixed greens with cucumber, tomato, fetta and kalamata olives $8.00
Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce with croutons, crispy bacon, parmesan and Caesar dressing $8.00
Pizza Bread

Large pizza with choice of garlic, herb, pesto or chilli and sprinkle of mozzarella$7.00

Meat Lasagne

Fresh pasta sheets layered with rich ricotta cheese, Italian sausage, tomato sauce, Mozzarella and parmesan cheese$10.00

Grilled Chicken Alfredo
Grilled chicken breasts in our creamy alfredo sauce with fresh vegetables $10.00

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Homemade meatballs with marinara sauce and pasta$10.00
Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine tossed in cream sauce $10.00

*Rest of Assesment Printed out*

W I think I presented the food on the plate well

O I think I should of chosen something with a more challenging recipie beacuse i finsished really quickly and i could of made another thing with the time to work with

W I would want to learn how to stew apples so i dont have to get it out of a can

T I didnt find the wiki very enjoyable, because it was failing and you had to go through all these things just to get it right again...i didnt find the wiki as good of a program to use.