Class Work

Practical Work

Spaghetti Boscaiola

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I was away on this day.

Marshmello slice
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1. I could improve to do it more neater, though it was still very nice.
2. The marshmello slices were abit crispy.
3. By getting put into the fridge.
Chocolate Mouse
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1. The difference is that when its not beaten it is all watery, and when it is beaten it is all mousey and fluffy and all soft.
2. Do it all at once, and make sure its in a averaged sized bowl so that the egg doesnt all splat out.
Honey Soy Chicken Wings
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1. Salmonella is the name of the bacteria in chicken.
2. They have to wash their hands, and make sure the food is cooked properlly.
3. Dihrea, Vomoting.
Cheese Twists
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1. It was very easy because all i had to do is make a design which i was my pastry in and then put cheese on top of it.
2. No because i did all difference shapes.



Arnold's Riverside Restaurant A la carte menu


Cheese and bacon bread- Served on pana di casa roll $3.90

Garlic and her damper $3.70

Soup of the day- Served with Turkish bread $5.00

Wedges- Served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream $5.00


Garlic prawns- Served on a jasmine rice timbale $11.90

Caesar salad- Cos lettuce, bacon, egg and croutons served with chef's own parmesan and anchovy dressing $8.90

South Australian oysters

1/2 dozen $11.50

1 doz $20.80

Natural- with ice and tangy cocktail sauce Kilpatrick- Grilled with bacon and Worcestershire sauce Spicy Mexican- Grilled with spicy tomato salsa and grilled cheese Calamari fritti- Lightly floured then pan fried and accompained with lime and mustard dipping sauce $9.20

Chicken skewers- Two skewers of chicken served on cos lettuce with a creamy sweet chilli sauce $8.90

Penne pasta dijon- Chicken tossed in cream, sundried tomatoes, dijon mustard and served with penne pasta $9.20

Main courses

Chargrilled prime eye fillet- 250 grams, with your choice of sauce and cooked to your liking Mignon- Wrapped in bacon, topped wit mushroom sauce $21.00

Pepper- Fine Scoth whisky and green peppercorn sauce $21.00

Chicken filo- Chicken breast fillet pocketed with sundried tomatoes and ham wrapped in filo pastry and baked $17.00 Kangaroo fillet- Chargrilled and served on a sweet potato mash with a spicy plum sauce $17.90

Fettuccini puttanesca- Olives, chilli and anchovies, tossed in tomato concasse and served with parmesan cheese $16.00 Vegetable lasgne- Layered with a cheese bechamel sauce, egg plant, zuccini, tomato and parsley $15.00

Honey and soy duck- Pan fried with crispy skin with honey and soy jus, served on bok choy $18.90

Fisherman's catch- Grilled barramundi, prawns, oysters, scallops and calamari, with lemon and mango mayonnaise $21.00 Herb-crusted lamb racks- Local lamb oven baked and served with couscous and a basil pesto sauce $19.90

Catch of the day $ jetty price

All main meals served with your choice of seasonal vegetables or a fresh garden salad


Chocolate bavarois- Served with raspberry coulis and fresh chantilly cream $6.90

Liqueur banana crepes- Served with banana and mango parfait $6.90

Brandy snap basket- Served with fresh seasonal druit $6.20

Baileys cheesecake- Homemade cheesecake, served with a tia maria sauce $7.20

Cheese platter- Castello blue, Devondale tasty, Australian brie with dried druit and pitta crackers $8.50

A cheap resturant on the riverside that caters towards adults.

Jordan's tabe d'hote menu

$45 three courses

$39 two courses


Chiken caesar- chicken, bacon, croutons, cos lettuce & anchovy dressing

Deep-fried salted spiced calamari- marinated green paw-paw and mint salad Vegetarian nori roll plate- vinegared rice, pickled and fresh vegetables, wasabi & soy

BBQ'd octopus- salad of baby beet leaf, orange and lime with a saffron aioli

Main courses

Jordan's famous fish and chips

Chargrilled Atlantic salmon- baby spinach, roasted red onion & tzaziki

Free range chicken breast- grilled sweet potato, chive & coriander salad

Penne pasta- tomato, pesto, eggplant & kalamata olives


Fresh seasonal fruit plate

Chocolate pudding- with double cream

Ice-cream terrine

All mains are served with bread rolls, chips, salad, coffee or tea

All menu items are subject to seasonal availability

A nice restuarant with different types of food that caters toawrds adults.

Lillypilly's Country Cottage

Function menu- $60.50 per person

Pre-dinner starter

Homemade dips served with crudites and a selection of crackers


Savoury pancake topped with roasted Mediterranean-style vegetables & rustic salsa

Main course

Rib fillet of beef served with a mushroom & green peppercorn glaze


Chocolate, date & almond torte served with chocolate sauce & double cream Tea & coffee

A small expensive country resturarnt that caters towards olderly adults.



Anna’s Restaurant


789 Burwood Road, Burwood 2134


My restaurant theme is going to be influence by Italy. It is going to have an essence of southern Italian culture and a great deal of Italian history. This will involve in things like homemade pasta, sauces, pizza ovens and much more. As customers come in and experience the Italian culture, my restaurant should provide them with the feel of being in a true Italian cuisine in Italy. The target market that my restaurant is aimed at is mainly adults at the age of 20 years and up. Also it is going to be aimed at adults of working class as the restaurant is going to be formal and high class resulting it to be expensive. As my restaurant is going to be influenced by Italy it will have many cultural dishes such as the traditional pastas, pizzas and desserts.



Garlic Bread $3.50

Bruschetta- Freshly diced tomato, Spanish onion & basil leaves drizzled with balsamic dressing $6.50

Main course

Lamb chops- Served with with mash potato and vegetables. $17.80

Fettucine Boscaiola- Served with cooked fettucine, garnished with sliced of parmesan, chopped parsley, and garlic or herb bread $16.90


Fruit crepe- $8.50

Tiramisu- $9.80


The reason for choosing the location of my business is because as my restaurant is Italian, Burwood does not have many similar businesses which will then decrease my competition therefore make my business unique and differentiate me from other restaurants.


Having a restaurant will have an impact on the environment as it will produce a lot of wastes.


W- In this assignment i think i have done well because i put a lot of effort into it, and it tasted very nice.

O- In this assignment i included decorations such as, table cloth, whine class, tea towl for customers, and icing sugar ontop of the crape.


T- I chose the mediums of technolgy, because i enjoy it, and i like to learn how to cook. In the future i would like to be able to cook at home for my famiy and cook whenever i can.