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Famous Foodie

Practical Work

Cheese Twists

1. Describe how difficult/easy it was to work with pastry ?
Working with the pastry was difficult because it was hard to get the twists all looking the same but was also easy in a way because the pastry is soft and easy to mold into the shape you want it.
2. Did all of your cheese twists come out the same ? Some ended up looking similar but majority did not look the same.

external image marshmallow-jam-slice.jpgMarshmallow Slice

1. Evaluation
I think my partener and I worked well together and produced a delicious tasting sweet. I belive Marshmallow Slice would be a good sweet for cafes and restaurants because it tastes and looks delicious
2. What happens to slices and biscuits as they cool ?
They hardened and became more sticky
3. How can the slice be stored ?
In the fridge

external image honey-soy-glazed-chicken-wings.jpgHoney Soy Chicken Wings

1. What bacteria are naturally occuring in chicken ?
2. What do hospitality establishments have to be careful of when serving any high risk food ?
Harmful bacterias, cross contamination and storing food properly
3. What are some of the symptoms of food poisoning ?
Typical symptoms include nausea , vomiting , abdominal cramping, and diarhea.

external image IMG_7779.jpgSpaghetti Boscaiola

1. Write an evaluation of today's practical
The Spaghetti Boscaiola turned out really well and tasted delicious . My partner and I worked well and got it finnished in a short amount of time. It was easy to make , consisted of simple ingredients and tasted great.

external image sweet-palmiers-elephant-ears-snacks-litter-hearts-biscuits-puff-pastry-recipes-butterfly-cookies.JPGSweet Surprise - Cinnamon Hearts


What are the causes of food spoilage ?

Food spoilage is caused by minute invisible organisms called bacteria. Some bacteria that are mostly commonly associated with food poisoning are Salmonella which acuses infection when food is eaten that contains live bacteria. It is the most common cause of food poisoning in Australia. Other common bacterias associated with food poisoning are Clostridium perfringens which causes an infection when food is eaten that contains live bacteria. Also Staphylococcus which is a toxin , Escherichia coli and Listeria.

Yeasts are single-celled plant organisms that can produce slime on fruit juices and vinegar products and can cause other foods to ferment thus spoil. Foods affected by yeasts can give a tingly sensation to the tongue and a slightly acidic flavour. While these are not pleasant , they are not harmful.

Mould is different from other micro- organisms in that it can be seen by the naked eye. They appear as a dark cottonwool-like mass on the surface of food
Enzymes are proteins that help to speed up reactions. Some enzymes found naturally in food can cause food spoilage.


Factors that affect menu costs

The cost of food refers to the menu price of a certain dish in comparison to the cost of the food used to prepare that same dish.
In other words, how much you pay for food will determine how much you need to charge for it.


Cultural Celebration: Christmas

Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the world on the 25th of December.