Class Work

Causes of food spoilage are:
- micro-organism
- temperature (danger zone)
- food preservation
- environment (moist and warm)
- oxygen
- low acid
Deterioration means become worse in lower in quality.
Microbial activity is when micro-organism occurs in food, some of them can spoil food but others are useful in food productions for example we use yeast to make bread.
Enzymatic changes are the use of protein to speed up reactions. Some of the enzymes cause the food to be spoiled. The reactions will be continually past the optimum ripening stage, for example; enzymes continue to covert starch in fruit to sugar which leads to the softening in overripe fruit.
Physical and Chemical reactions are the ways of storing food. Food should be kept in low temperature, cleaned and should be free from moisture. Canned food is the other way of storing food for a longer shelter life.
Environmental factors are the factors that can cause the food spoilage such as insect spray, exposed to the air, damaged packaging, danger zone, personal hygiene, and the cleanness of the materials.
It is important to have food that is good quality in a Hospitality environment so the customers get the good quality of the product which are safe and hygiene.
The repercussions that can occur if Hospitality establishment serve spoilt and deteriorated food are:
-decline of popularity and customer
-bankruptcy and closing down the establishment
-paying debt
The ways to ensure that the restaurant kept the food in optimum quality are:
-always use fresh and NOT using expired ingredients and the hygienic including personal hygiene
-use high quality products with reasonably price
-properly food storage like danger zone, cold food, hot food, dry food
Food preservation is the ways of making food last longer, prevent wastage and to maintain the nutritive value of food and make the food preparation quicker and easier.
Bacteria can survive and grow well in moist environment, warm temperature (5˚C-60˚C), low hygiene (food supply), low acid environment=>require oxygen to grow.
Food preservation changes the environment/conditions of the food so the bacteria cannot grow. The changes in conditions due to preservation are:
-dry the food to get rid of the moist
-keep food in cold place like freezer and fridge
-keep food in high sugar or salt level
-add chemicals like acid (vinegar)
-remove oxygen

Dehydration or drying food is one way of preservation. The rate of growth of micro-organisms depends on the amount of water available. After drying in the food and kept it in airtight container, it will have the longer shelf life. Drying is a very simple procedure which doesn’t special equipment. Drying method can be carry out in open air in the sun, to make sure that the food are cooked it can be done in a microwave or home oven in a very temperature to remove some more moist.

FeimagesCAHAZB4M.jpgrran Adria
Ferean Adria was born May 14, 1962 in Barcelona, Spain. He left school at the age of 18 and began his career as a dishwasher and cook in the military. He completed his service in August 1983. After leaving the navy he was offered the job of Chef de Partie at El Bulli in Roses, Spain. Eighteen months he became head chef of French restaurant, El Bulli. In 2009 he became the top ten chef of experimental culinary genius, he can delight your palette which will make you amaze and confuse your taste but in the most delightful way.

A method used in business to purchase goods and services in good quality and lowest possible prize.
Purchasing Systems are manual, procedures or computerized, followed by an organization to achieve the basic objectives to determine the quality, quantity and when items needed. To maintain the best possible price and information of sources supply. Purchasing Systems are useful in Hospitality Industry because they need a large amount of ingredients which had a good quality, which are faster, easier and cheaper for the Industry to use the Purchasing System.
Elderly catering
Morning- Porridge and fresh fruit
Morning tea- Jasmine tea with fruit tart
Lunch- Smoked tuna salad
Afternoon tea- Skim milk with water bread/ whole wheat biscuit
Dinner- Steamed bass fish with salad (carrot, lettuce, corn, capsicum, tomato)
Dessert- Mixed fruit with sorbet ice-cream
The menu for elderly is different from the children’s menu because children need a lot of energy from carbohydrate and protein from meat to grow. Elderly cannot eat food that are high in sugar and fat otherwise the might get disease like high sugar ion blood pressure.

Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into other form for consumption.

Oxidations happen when chemicals in the food are exposed to oxygen in the air. Oxidation of food is destructive process, causing loss of nutritional value and changes in chemical composition.

Practical Work
Cheese Twist

Untitled.pngQ1. It is easy to work with pastry because it was soft and easy to make it in shapes, and the pastry did not stick with the baking paper making it easier to replace.
Q2.My twists didn’t come out the same like the one from the package and each twist has different shapes.

Honey Soy Chicken Wingsc.png

Q1. The bacterium that naturally occurs in chicken is ‘salmonella’ which can cause strong food poisoning.

Q2. The hospitality establishments have to make sure that the chicken is cook and make sure that the food is not in the danger zone, hygiene and make sure that you cook it the right way.

Q3. The symptoms are fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc.

Cinnamon Heart


Marshmallow Slice

Q1.The base took quite a long time to cook or to be golden but the marshmallows are melted easily in a short time. The marshmallow really goes well together with the base.

Q2.The marshmallow slices were a bit crispy outside and soft inside, when the base cools it become hard and crispy.

Q3. After the slice cools down, it can be stored in a square or regtangular shape container so it stay in shape.

Spaghetti Boscaiola


Q1. Today practical was going quite well. The thing that I did well was the sauce I think it was really nice after adding some salt in. The mushroom, bacon goes really well with the cream sauce. Things that I could improved to get better in the next time I cooked pasta or spaghetti can be keeping the eye on the pasta to make sure if its cooked or not.

Chocolate Mousse


Q1. Hard peaks of egg whites is in a liquid form and when we beat it until soft peaks form it then turn to a soft, fluffy foam.

Q2. Beats until it form a foam, make sure that there is no liquid left at the bottom of the bowl and the egg whites should be risen.

Quick and Easy Pizzapizza.png

Q1. The conditions needed for yeast to gown and make the dough rise are moist and warm.
Q2. To get the air into the dough, so it soft and mixed well.
Q3. Tomato, mushroom, ham, chicken, seafood

Mini Vegetable Rollsrolls.png

Q1. Crispy outside and soft inside, the taste of the mixture goes well with the cheese and pastry not to chilly and not too salty. The sweetness of corn and zucchini mix well with the bacon and soy sauce.
Q2. At the party or formal because it is easy to eat without making mess.
Q3. Cheese cracker
Q4. Chicken croquette

Chicken and Vegetable ParcelsimagesCAIPFVQ8.jpg

Q1. Cut the carrot in half (vertical) and then halve it vertically again, slice the halves in long stripe shape.
Q2. To make the pastry look nice golden brown.
Q3. This dish could be served in cafe because it is a light entree.

Sweet corn bread
1. Where does this recipe originate?
2. List as many corn based products you can think of.
Flour, cornflakes, popcorn, corn chips
3. Eventhough yeast is not used in this recipe, there is an ingredient that makes the breads rise. Name the ingredient and explain how it works.
Baking powder- it helps creating more air in the dough
Lemon Meringue Tarts


1. What celebration would you use this recipe for?
Tea party
2. What is gelatinisation?
When starch grains are mixed with liquid and heated.
3. What is starch? complex carbohydrate that are made up of glucose
4. What will happen if you add the egg to a hot mixture?
The egg will get cooked
Rocky Road Cups

1. How did you represent your food?
In cupcakes paper cips
2. What things must be considered when packaging food?
Oxygen and moisture
3. When is food taking home for parties?

Pad Thai
ch%20padthaiu.jpg1. Fuion cooking is the combination of flavours. List the ingredients that give this an Asian flare.
Chilli, fish sauce, bean sprout, rice stick noodles, coriandar.
2. Ask your parents, did they even have Asian food as a child? If yes as frequently as you have it now.
Yes, they did have Asian food as a child and hey have it more frequently (everyday) than what I have now.
Breakfast Shake- with added vitain C
Very-Berry-Breakfast-Shake.jpg1. Functional foods: food eaten for specified health purposes, because of their contents of nutrients.
2. Omega 3 milk - healthy heart, eyes and good brain function.
Psyillium - fibre resource; good for digestive system
Vitamin C tablet - prevention of scurvy, treatment of cold and influenza


Food Technology- Written task
1. Types of menu
A_La_Carte.pngA La Carte- lists all dishes, arranged in courses and each price separately. This type of menu allows customer to choose the number and type of dishes. The dishes can be expansive as skill required and it is usually used in restaurants. This type of menu caters toward young adults and adults.
Table_D'hote.pngTable D’hôte- provides a set menu with set price, includes a fixed & limited number of courses. Serving one guest at a time allows for faster service, making it easier to control costs and minimized wages. Often use in cafe, restaurant and function rooms working and business people.
Du_Jour.pngDu Jour- change daily menu, presented on blackboard or verbally to the customer. Useful way to test new recipes, often use in café and coffee shop that suit customer which come frequently.

2. Establishment
a. ‘le Français cuisine’
b. Locate near the coast where you can see the water
c. My establishment will serve French recipes and dessert. The theme of the establishment is vintage and colourful scheme (yellow, light blue, green, pink, white). The target market of the establishment is the couples, family and middle age people. The seat capacity will be around 30 people with 12 tables and 35 chairs.



e. Establishment menu- A La Carte

f.I choose the location because there will be many people near the coastal area. I chose the theme vintage because it looks trendy and classic. The colourful scheme of the vintage will make my establishment looks brighter and fresh. These elements might make the establishment catchy and it will make more customers. Different varieties of colours will give the feeling of refreshing and relaxation.

3. Developed Recipe
Australian lamb chop
2 Australian lamb chop fillets
Salt & pepper
1. Wash hands and correct ingredients.
2. Seasoned the lamb with salt and pepper.
3. Turn the stove on high and place the lamb onto the fry pan. Cover the lid and wait about 4 minutes.
4. Flip the lamb and, cover the lid and the lamb should be cooked in 5 minutes.
Lamb chop is one of the most popular French recipes. I develop this recipe by using Australian lamb chop to make a French recipe by cooking the lamb in the French style to make it more suitable to my establishment’s menu.

4. Potential Impact
The impacts the my establishment would have on the local society and environment could be recycling facilities, energy efficiency or even religious issues. The recycling could be using more plastic by taking away food and people might not litter the rubbish properly leading to environmental considerations. The energy efficiency such as using too much electricity can be prevent by turn off the gas every time after using it and use the lowest level of gas every time if possible. Put the lid to make the recipe cook faster (except for green veggies), not cooking the recipe longer than necessary, preheat oven only when needed, check and clean oven and fridge door regularly and use automatic timing to turn off electrical devices automatically. My establishment could impact on some religious because some religions can’t eat pork, beef etc.

Risk Assessment
Potential risk
Elimination or control measures
-hurting someone accidently
-cut yourself
-be more careful with knife
-keep focus on what you’re doing
-don’t cut toward your body
Stove and other hot utensils
-burning yourself or the others
-may caught fire
-be careful of the flammable object near the stove
-use tea towel to lift hot object
Fragile object
-breaking glass or dishes and cut yourself
-sharp pieces might hurt the others
-don’t put fragile object at the edge of the table
-report teacher when you break something and warn the others not to go near that area

Project Evaluation

What I've done well is the fruit crepe, I think it taste really nice with cream to ake the cream taste nicer I add some of the vanilla syrup. The strawberry and banana goes together with the cream and it taste the best when its cold.

Other things that I would include in the next time are put the lamb into the milk to get rid of the smell and I would make the sauce that goes together with the lamb.

Where I would improve my skills migh be the timing, I think I have to make a better time managment because you have to work fast in the kitchen so the customers don't have to wait.

Tecnology make things easier and quicker, wikispaces is easy to use and it is fast to update thing and you can update it anywhere even you were absent on that day. Google Sketchup is a little bit hard to use at first but when you apend time playing around you will gt use to it. I think Google Sketchup is a good software which help you to draw 3 dimensional structure.