Class Work

Practical Work: Cheese twisters

external image DSC04695B.jpg

1. It was pretty easy, only few steps were diffcult like cutting the pastry and twisting them.

2. Most of them few were circles, and one triangle shape.

Marshmallow slice
external image marshmallow-slice-2.jpg
1. It was pretty diffcult, you have to watch your hand when u put and take out
2. They become hard and sticky
3.Air tight container in the fridge.

Spaghetti Boscaiola

external image 8146.jpg

1.It was pretty diffcult turning the gas on, we were bit delayed but we managed to finish the dish.

Quick and easy pizza

external image pepperoni_pizza-890.jpg

1. The tempreature of the oven should be at 220 degrees.
2. Because the air bubbles make the dough light and airy, instead of hard and flat.
3. Chicken, pepproni, camciusm, tomato.

Sweet chilli chicken wraps

external image beer_battered_fish_wrap.jpg

1. in like a cafe
2. picculs, carrots.

Honey soy chicken wings

external image honey-soy-glazed-chicken-wings.jpg

1. germ deases.
2. They have to check the serving is clean.
3. diarrhia, vomiting.


Find 3 different menus, make up my own resturant, cook 2 meals with my cooking parnter.