Class Work

Practical Work

Cheeese Twists:


1. When working with the pastry I only came across one problem that commenced when I was cutting through the pastry, the

knife would cut through the pastry and the pastry would then stick to the knife therefore the pastry was dragged along the knife. This problem made my pastry sides longer than on another.

2. No, not all of my “Cheese Twists” came out the same shape. I think they didn’t come out looking the same because of the amount of pastry each one had and the amount of cheese. Also they didn’t look the same e.g. some were larger, wider, puffier, had more cheese, etc.

Chicken Wings:


  1. The bacteria that is naturally occurring in chicken is Salmanela.
  2. The hospitality establishments have to be careful when serving any high risk food include checking the use by date, making sure it is cooked properly and been stored in the necessary places.
  3. The symptoms of food poisoning include, vomiting, head aches, nausea, rashes, sore throat, coughing, etc.

Sweet Suprise (Cinomon Hearts):

1. You could use this mixture for Christmas, birthdays, parties, Easter, special occasions.

Marshmallow Slice:

1. During the process of making the marshmallow slice I think the slice went very well because the base was very easy to make as well as spreading the jam onto the slice and placing the marshmallows on top The one problem Alex and I had was that our oven was cooking the base as fast as the gas ovens, so we changed to a gas oven where the slice cooked faster.
2.When the slice and biscuit cool it hardens.
3.The slice can be stored in a container put into the fridge.

Spaghetti Boscaiola:

During today's lesson Alex and I worked very well together because we communicated with each other sharing the tasks. I chopped up the ingredients except the bacon because Alex wanted to cut that in a specific way. Alex and I didn't come across any problems that couldnt be fixed, When placing my pasta in the container i added chopped mushrooms, parmesan and parsley which was a good combination. Overall i believe it was a sucessful lesson which had a tasty outcome!

Chocolate Mousse:


1) When beating egg whites soft peaks form from when you move the beaters out of the bowl creating and erosion of the egg whites to stand up, they are very soft and fluffy to touch. Hard peaks are generally when the egg whites begin to stand up by themselves and become hard and don't fall down as easily as soft peaks do.
2) I thought Chocolatte Mousse was quite easy to make because i had a good partner who i could suppport and trust when we were arrange what each other would do. We shared each job by both having a go at, mixing , beating, melting the chocolate and spooning it out into our containers.
The recipe was easy to follow except we didn't know that we needed to use the egg yolk! Although we resolved the problem and it came out with a very delicious solution!!

Coconut Apple Slice:


1) The hospitality establishment i think that would serve 'Cocunut Apple Slice' would be a cafe which is set out on a beach or throughout a main streets.

2) Part of this dish was easy because the instructions were very clear, Alex and i worked efficiently together but we weren't aware that we didn't have alot of time. I would be spreading the jam while putting on the coconut and apples, when Alex started washing up. We did this because we hadn't been aware of the time so we had to hurry. I think we should have had more time to cook this dish though.

Quick and Easy Pizza


1) The condidtions yeast has to create the dough rise is to be mixed into with hot water.
2) Kneeding the dough is important because it helps capture all the bubbles that are found inside the dough, maked the bread rise and it also adds that professional touch when taking it out of the oven!

3) Suitable toppings for pizza include:

  • Tomatoe and Cheese

  • Ham and Pinapple
  • Cheese, Tomotoe, Pineapple, Herbs, Capsicum, Olives
  • Cheese Potato and Rosemary
  • Seafood pizza
  • Olives, Cheese, Tomatoe, Eggplant, Capsicum

Chicken and Vegetable Parcels


1. To juiceline a carrot

you must place it into a "fruit juicing machine" which will blend the carrot into juice. Although you do not have to disgard any pieces of the carrot before hand e.g. the green leaf/stem and the skin, these pieces may be left on and blended together as one.

2. The role of milk in "Chicken and Vegetable Parcels" is important because it helps hold the raw pastry together while it is cooking, so the ingredients don't fall out of place.

3. In a cafe i think "Chicken and Vegatable Parcels" would be served with many different speciments including:

  • a large side salad,

  • a ice chocolate/ ice coffee

  • Wedges

Sweet Corn Bread


1. This Sweet Corn Bread originates from

2. Tinned Corn, Corn soup, Corn on the cob,

3. The ingredient that makes the bread rise is baking powder. Baking powder makes food substances rise because it has a combination of acid, a base and a filler, when combined they create a substance which rises the bread much faster then yeast.

Lemon Meringue Tarts

1.The celebration you would use lemon meringue tarts would be for christmas.
2. Gelatinisation is when starch grains e.g. rice, flour, pasta are mixed with a liquid and heated, starch then heats and explodes while eating the moisture.
3. Starch is a white tasteless solid carbohydrate.
4. If you add eggs to the hot mixture the eggs will start to cook.

Rocky Road Cups


1. Alex and I presented our food in little coloured patty pans.

2. When packaging food you must consider keeping everything seperate because you don't want foods mixing, no cross contamintaion, allergies and always use fresh packaging and not reuseing everything.

3. Food is taken home from parties when there are leftovers.

Chicken Sausage Rolls


Chocolate and Coconut Slice


I was away for this lesson.

Jamie Oliver:

Food Spoilage:

Christmas in July:


Food Technology Week 2-3 Class Work

Questions 1-3

Diet For Nursing Home Elderly:




Question 1.

3 Different Types Of Menus:

Napoli In Bocca:

Napoli In Bocca is an original Italian resturant in the heart of Haberfield, Haberfield is an old Italian neibghourhood where there are many Italian eaeries. Napoli In Bocca is a family run resturant which caters for families, big groups, parties and even couples.
The nice thing about the menu is that you can have a variety of ways to eat e.g. just pizza, pasta, or even a three course meal!
My favourite meal at Napoli In Bocca is the Spaghetti Marinara!

Sushi Bar Rashai:

Sushi Bar Rashai is a Japanese Resturant which is situated in Annandale. The resturant has been around for over 20 years and caters for locals, aswell as Japanese food lovers. You can sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs make the sashimi or have your meal with family and friends at a table. My favourite entree when i go here is the Edamae!


Bones Cafe:

Bones Cafe is situated in the Haberfield Dog Park on the canal. Dogs can roam free off their leads while their owners don't have to worry.The beauty of Bones Cafe is that both dog owners and their dogs are catered for with a varied menu. Another positive aspect of the cafe is the social aspect. Dogs are free to play with other dogs whilst their owners are chatting with their friends!


Question 2.

a) Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe

Munch 'n' Crunch, Is The Place To Be!

b) Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe is located in several "healthy" locations including both Bondi and Manly beaches, as well has within Fitness First Gyms.

c) Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe is a vegetarian cafe, which caters for vegetarians and those who enjoy vegetarian food. The theme I have chosen is 'Vegetarian'. My aim is to encourage healthy eating and I have placed my cafes into gyms and at Bondi and Manly beaches because they are places where people are more concerned about body image, health and nutrition. Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe has a wide variety of healthy low fat salads and snacks including, Italian Bread Salad; Rocket and Pear Salad; , yoghurts, muesli, low fat muffines, fruit smoothies, juices and much, much more.
Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe isnt aimed at any particular person because we like to make people feel as welcome as possible, the cafe is quite small because it doesnt cater for many big groups except friends meeting, breakfasts, lunches and snacks. It is a colourful environment to keep people in a fantastic, bright and healthy mood! I do not have to have a large seating arrangement as my foods are designed to be smaller single course meals that have the ability to be "eaten in" or "taken away". I believe also being positioned in gyms and at beaches, my cafe would be a quicker place to eat rather than somewhere where you would linger. My seating capacity is 26 people approx.
d) Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe:

e) Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe Menu:

f) I have chosen the several health locations Bondi, Manly beaches and within FItness First gyms because the people who will cater to many foods that the Munch 'n' Crunch supplies, appeal to people who are trying to look after their body shape, size, weight, health and people who like the eat vegetarian salads/foods. The colour scheme I have chosen for Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe is light green, red, orange, and purple tables and chairs because i want the atomosphere to be very bright and happy. The bench is blue because it is a calm positive colour and I believe that it will make my food look appealing.

The colours of my Cafe will attract the attention of customers encouraging people to come in. Once in the doors the decor will hopefully encourage people to stay. The menu, which promotes good health will entice customers to order food. The quality and variety of foods on offer, plus the service will bring repeat business. Munch 'n' Crunch cafe, situated at the gyms and the beach where people have regular attendance and routines will become part of their gym and daily routine. eg after a training session, one of my healthy smoothies plus a salad will energise them for the rest of the day. My cafe hours will complement the hours of the gyms and morning beachgoers serving breakfasts, morning teaslunches and afternoon snac,ks.
Question 3.

Question 4.
Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe potentially has a large impact on the local areas and environments where they are situated. Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe is found within gyms and at the beach because that is where people who want to keep themselves fit and healthy are normally found. Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe has a Recycling bin found at the entrance and near the counter of the cafe to promote people to do the right thing and recycle. Not just a recycling bin but a general waste bin is placed in the same spots as the recycling bin for ease and convenience for waste disposal. The recylcing bin will include: Empty, bottles, containers, cardboard, paper, (There is a sign with pictures and labels above the bins). The general waste bin will include: Left over foods, plastic e.g. left over lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, plastic wrapping. (There will also be a sign containing pictures and labels over this bin to inform you what can and can't go into this bin.
When eating in at Munch 'n' Crunch you will be served using a glass cup, metal cutlery and ceramic plates and when finished with the plates, cups and cutlery a waiter would come and collect what you have used, then pass them onto the dishwasher who will then wash them thoroughly by hand.
When ordering takeaway you will be served with a tupa wear plastic container which is easily reusable. If you order a drink you will be given a special 'Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe cup which is also reusable but you can come in anytime and ask for a refill but you will also be charged, although we will take off 30cents for brining one of our reusable cups!
The lighting in Munch 'n' Crunch Cafe is energy efficient and we use celiing fans instead of air-conditioner because it is cheaper and better for the environment.
The ingredients used are all organic, and pesticide free. All foods, wherever possible are made daily on the premisis. Any leftover foods are donated to charity.

Risk Assesment:


Recipe Cards:

Project Evalutation:

W- I think i did the preperation of the assignment very well, by making sure i had more than enough ingredients and i thought that Maddy and I make a very strong team even though we aren't partners. I also think i made good progress while cooking the bread in the oven because i wasn't too sure it would go well.

O- I think i should have pracitced the presentation of my dish at home because on the day of the assesment i had a different plate and had many attempts at making it look as good as possible.

W- I would like to learn harder recipes so i can have more of a challenge especially deserts becuase i like the result!

T- I think it was good doing it on the wiki because it was easy to access, you could ask for help easily and you could see what work your partner was doing e.g. what they were going to make and how they thought the practical went. I also thought it was good that the teachers could see what progress you were making, this influenced me to do more work because i didn't want to be behind everyone else.

Christmas in July Invitation: