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LA Tombola is an Italian restaurant that caters and also supplies rooms for many different events including corporate meetings and functions, Christmas functions, Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries and christenings. This restaurant’s menu is targeted at adults as it uses fancy cursive writing. It is written in formal language and is clearly not meant for younger people. The place serves alcohol and is a nice place for adults to meet up and socialise.


Ablas Lebanese Kitchen is a Lebanese restaurant that serves just about every Lebanese dish. With over 100 Lebanese dishes on the menu it is targeted for all ages. The food that is being served can be eaten by anyone, and the menu is written in a normal way so younger children and adults can read it.


Jasmin Restaurant is an Indian Restaurant that is Arguably Australia's most awarded Indian restaurant, Jasmin has gained a reputation worldwide for its traditional cuisine. It has been doing business since 1980 and is has had high success. The menu is targeted for all ages as there are a lot of dishes being served. The menu is written in a traditional way which shows that it is targeted for all ages. The restaurant has a strong reputation as being one of Australia’s best family restaurants.

My Establishment

a) The name of my establishment is La Beach Café
b) My establishment is located on the main road directly across from Brighton Beach
c) The location is near a beach so the theme is obviously a beach theme. It is targeted for all ages and families that spend a day at the beach and are hungry afterwards. Some of the foods served are Burger and Chips, Steak sandwiches, fish and chips, a variety of different seafood feasts and many more. The restaurant can fit up to maximum 40 people
d) Sketch of the restaurants layout:

a) I have chosen the location near a beach as the café has a beach theme and it obviously needs to be near a beach. Being at a beach eating beach food clearly makes sense. Being at a beach and eating Chinese food is not a good idea. The colours are all bright and give you a sunny day type of feel. People love being at a beach on a hot sunny day, bright colours will make that feeling even stronger. All these elements contribute to the impact of my business as they all help emphasise its theme and what the establishment is aiming at.

La Beach Cafe

Steak Sandwich: Scotch fillet, tomato, cheese, lettuce, onion and served with chips: $15
Fish and Chips: King fish and chips served with a side of salad: $12
Seafood Feast: prawns, mussels, oysters, crumbled calamari, scallop and bacon skewer and smoked salmon. Served with chips and salad: $30
Baked chicken: twice cooked, coconut caramel, fragrant salad side of chips: $15
Roasted Beef Fillet: wrapped in bacon on roasted parsnip and snow peas topped: $26

Chicken Burger and Chips: breast chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, your choice of sauce and onions served with a side of chips. Your choice of either beef or chicken: $15

Oven roasted garlic & sage bread: $4.50
Marinated olives: $2.50
Chips: $5.00
Chunky chats with sweet chilli & sour cream: $8.00

Kids Menu:
Pasta w Napoli sauce $9
Fish & chips $10
Sausages & chips $8.50
Grilled chicken w chips & tomato sauce $11
Vegemite or Peanut butter sandwich $3.50

Chocolate and hazelnut cake with chocolate sauce & cream: $9
Sticky date & fig pudding with butterscotch and double cream: $9
Affogato, French vanilla gelato smothered with espresso coffee: $8

All Flavour Milshakes: $8
Soft Drink Cans: $2.50
Water: $1.50

3. Recipe for chicken burger:
1 single chicken breast fillets
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 hamburger buns, split, toasted to serve
1 lettuce, leaves separated, washed, shredded
2 Pieces of Tomato
1 Piece of onion
1. Mix all the patty ingredients thoroughly, leaving the salt for after the patties are cooked if you prefer.
2. Cook on low heat under the grill, on the barbecue or in a pan until cooked.
3. Place Chicken in between 2 buns
4. Add vegetables onto sandwich.
This recipe is suitable as a dish on my menu as a chicken burger can be eaten anywhere and can be enjoyed anywhere. At the beach it is also a great place to be eaten. Cooked well and served with great sides it strongly deserved to be on the menu.

Question 4: My establishment will have a massive impact on the local society and the beach life. If my establishment runs well and I’m guessing it will, all the locals will have a place they can casually eat at and dine at. Being located on a main road and near the beach the place will need to be kept very clean. It’s not like in a shopping centre where there are cleaners that will clean around. It is all up to the shop owner to do it. That’s why I will need to purchase recycling facilities and cleaners that will clean up and keep the place hygienically healthy.
During the day I will not need to use strong lights as the sun light should light the place up, but come night time the lights will be on. It kind of balances the electricity being used which will not mean a generally high bill. But using all the cooking equipment air conditioning etc. could push the bills up higher. To run a business you need to be wise and not use unnecessary things to limit the amount of money you spend. Running a business means making money not losing money.

Food Spoilage

1. Causes of food spoilage: Light, Heat, Oxygen, bacteria, yeasts
2. Deterioration: the act or process of deteriorating
3. Microbial activity is the activity of microscopic organisms that are responsible for the decay of dead material.
4. It is important for the hospitality industries to have good quality food as these industries are several billion dollar industries and they cover a wide range of food service and accommodation
5. Serving spoiled food could make someone sick and unwell
Someone who gets ill from the food could take legal actions
If a critic tastes the food they will send a bad review out

Food Preservation
1. Food Preservation: Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food to stop or greatly slow down spoilage (loss of quality, edibility or nutritive value) caused or accelerated by micro-organisms
2. Wearing gloves when handling food, separating meat and chicken, drying, freezing, canning, sugaring, salting

Quick and Easy Pizza
1. Boiled water
2. it is important to knead the dough to give the dough its shape and develop gluten
3. Cheese, tomato, pepporoni, capsicum,
external image Quick%20and%20Easy%20Pizza%20Supreme_367x300.jpg

Honey Soy Chicken Wings
external image honey-soy-glazed-chicken-wings.jpg
external image honey-soy-glazed-chicken-wings.jpg

1. What bacteria are naturally occuring in chicken?

2.What do hospitality establishments have to be carefully of when serving any high risk food?
-harmful bacterias

3. What are some of the symptons of food poisoning?
-abdominal cramping

external image DSC04695B.jpg
external image DSC04695B.jpg
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1.Describe how difficult/easy it was to work with pastry?
I think it was easy working with pastry. At first it was kind of sticky, it felt like it was about to break apart. The pastry is very soft and is easy to stretch.

2.Did all of your twists/plats come out the same?
No, the twists shape came out differently everytime.
French Cultural Foods

At Christmas time the French eat a number of exquisite foods including:

French Festivals
Some French festivals are:
Bastille Day- One of the oldest and historical festivals in France, which is celebrated every year, is the festival of Bastille Day. We all know the importance of the date July 14, 1789, when the Bastille prison in Paris was stormed down by the revolutionaries.
La Pourcailhade – Festival of Pig – August 2011While you look forward to some popular festivals in France, you must not miss out on festival of the Pig at Trie Sur Baise in France. This is a different kind of festival where people participate in piglet races, a pork sausage-eating contest and a competition for the best piggy outfit.
Sports Festivals in FranceFrench Tennis Open invites the world class tennis players all over the world to battle it out in Roland Garros stadium to win the Grand Slam tennis tournament taking place at the end of May every year. The tennis fans should not miss out this show. Not to forget the Formula Grand Prix and the Tour De France (Bike Race) happening every year.