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Practical Lessons

9/10 FTA Monday A and Weds B

9/10 FTB Tuesday and Weds B

Remember you must bring your APRON, HAIR NET, TEA TOWEL and CONTAINER to each lesson.

You must complete your WIKI on your lessons activities under PRACTICALS

If you have taken a photo in class, please add it to the photo gallery.

Ms. DiMarco

Adriana Athitakis
Isabella Adrennie
Elissa Campanari
Lauren Da Luz
Ceyda Sert
Sarah Girgenti
Lamia Yacoub
Jessica Haddad
Olivia Andrews
Isabel Pulone
Matt Argitis
Beer T
Alecia Buonavoglia
Anna Marie Vlattas
Michelle Champ
Serena Alexander
Rebecca Childs
Anthony Guerrieri
Christian Da Costa
Edgar Hanna
Manny Gryllis
Eilidh Harper
Bo Bo Hein
Ryan Henderson
John Inati
Danielle Khalil
Lara Kitts
Daniel Paino
Jordan Livian
Siobhan Pirina
Joshua Park
Jason P
Brooke Rice
Madeleine Sabine
Christina Rojas
Jessica Samuel
Antonia Romanakis
Ellie Stevis
Ricky SU
Alexander Stratis
Aboudi TakTak
Claudia Willis Craig
Grace Tumeth
Jacob Yacoub

Tiana Patronaggio